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on line
SELF Comportamiento Organizativo offers a simple alternative to apply and administrate 360° Feedback or 360° Appraisals within an organization, with the following advantages:
  • No applications needs to be installed in the organization.
  • The system is On line (hosted in our server) accessible from any PC or tablet with access to the internet.
  • Low cost.
  • Simple to use.
  • An organization can register one or more receivers of feedback.
  • Each receiver can be appraised by up to twelve appraisers selected by the receiver or the organization.
  • The behavior statements to be appraised can be supplied by the organization or selected from our extensive list of competencies.
  • The levels of appraisal of each competency can be defined by the organization.
  • Each appraiser can indicate the importance of each behavior statement.
  • To ensure that individual appraisers cannot be identified, these can be grouped.
  • Each appraise can download their feedback report or the organization can determine who can access the report.
  • The feedback report is made available in .pdf format as soon as the individual’s feedback is completed.